Monday, October 8, 2012

cupcake fairy

hey everyone!  i promised that i would share photos of my little girls Halloween costume when i got it finished.  she saw what she wanted to be when we at marshalls it was a cupcake fairy!  the costum was soooooo cute, but it was kinda expensive for a costume... $30.  so i told her that i could make her one, and i decided to try to make it for free with things that we had around the house (and to be totally honest we have more than enough around the house lol).   here's what she's going to look like for halloween! 

she's pretty darn cute without the costume,  but in it how proud she feels makes her even cuter!!!!    i made her an apron with lots of ruffles out of a vintage pillowcase with blue roses, (blue is her favorite color)  and made her a headband with a felt cupcake and a wand again with a matching cupcake.  the little cherry on top is a holly berry from a christmas spray.  she's so cute!   :)

 i hope you all like this costume thanks for stopping bye!

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