Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mug cozy tutorial

this year for christmas im trying to make all of the gifts for the adults and their kids in our family.  meaning both of my bothers, their wives and kids, and grandparents.  we don't really have a lot of money to spend on everyone else but i still want to give them something nice. 

here's a tutorial for one of the items that im making everyone (except for the two littlest kids)  it's a mug cozy i saw this on thumbleanna  she didn't really give a tutorial on how it all goes together, so i decided to make one myself.  i hope you enjoy my spin on it, check out thimbleanna she has LOTS of great things on her blog to make! :)

 first start off with a 9.5 inch long and 3 inch wide piece of fabric
i made mine this width so i wouldn't be getting a mouth full of fabric each time i would sip from the cup.  feel free to customize it to your measurement of your favorite mug. 

cut a backing and batting and make your quilting sandwich and quilt.
 cut 5 inchs of the elastic fold it in half and place on one side of the 3 inch edge and pin.  stich these to the edge securely.
 add our binding over the elastic, and fold over the elastic and stitch over so they stick out and will be easy to grab when putting it on your mug.   continue binding the rest.
 add buttons to the opposite side and i noticed on thimbleanna's mug cozy she added hers to the top and bottom.  while i added mine closer to the center.  im not sure it makes a difference.  but i liked them closer. lol

now attach to your mug and enjoy! :) 

this is a mug cozy that i made for my older brother.  i made his out if some vintage wool, from a coat and linen with vintage metal buttons.  im pairing each with a matching mug rug to put in their stockings :)  merry christmas!

thanks for stopping by!

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